Cite Objective Instances of Performance Issues


If you’ve reached a point where you feel a PIP is necessary, it’s likely that you’ve already given plenty of informal feedback to your employee about what he or she is doing wrong. Sterling noted that documentation of this feedback is important, as well as whether or not the individual was given ample time to improve. She also emphasized the need for unbiased, objective feedback, which may include validation from other managers, colleagues or peers.

Similarly, Cyrus said your personal feelings about the employee must remain separate from anything that goes into the PIP. “It’s human nature for managers to become frustrated with an employee who is failing to reach [his or her] performance potential,” Cyrus said. “As difficult as it may seem, they must keep personal feelings or frustrations from affecting their evaluation of the employee’s performance.”

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Managers should understand that PIPs should never be used to address behavioral issues like poor attendance or inappropriate communications, said Jennifer Lasater, vice president of employer and career services at Kaplan University. Instead, the issues documented in the PIP should be related to skills or knowledge the employee is lacking, or specific job functions he or she is not completing properly on a regular basis.

“Stay away from [phrases] like, ‘you always,'” Lasater added. “Instead state [facts, such as], ‘reports are due at 10 am on Monday and on X date, you did not submit a report.'”


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