Aerobic Exercise Is The Way To Good Health

Aerobic  photo
Photo by Miljøpartiet De Grønne

Aerobic exercise is any activity that elevates your health rate and increases your oxygen consumption. In addition, this type of exercise is one of the best ways of improving and maintaining good overall health. The heart, vascular system, lungs, muscles, joints, brain, and nervous system all benefit. Regular aerobic exercise will help you to sleep better, have more energy, be more relaxed, and maintain a more positive outlook. In fact, aerobic exercise is considered an excellent treatment for mild depression, anxiety, and stress-related problems. In addition to all of those benefits, regular aerobic exercise can increase the levels of natural painkillers in the nervous system, making it a good way to control common types of pain.

When combined with a proper diet, aerobic exercise is the most effective method to control your weight. Many people would be happy to shed a few pounds, but for people with pain, weight loss may also mean an improvement in their condition. extra weight puts an extra stress on spinal joints and vertebral disks. If you are overweight, aerobic exercise will not only help to relieve your pain but may also help to control your weight.

Aerobic exercise is good for people with many different health conditions, as long as they start at a reasonable level and build up gradually. However, if you are over age 40 or have a medical condition that you think might be affected by aerobic exercise, be sure to check with your doctor before beginning such a program.

According to exercise physiologists, effective aerobic exercise should increase the rate of your pulse to roughly 70% to 80% of your predicted maximum heart rate. Before beginning to exercise, you should calculate your target heart rate. While exercising, you may want to monitor your pulse to make sure you stay within the target zone. A simple guide to remember is that you should not exercise vigorously and breathe so hard that you cannot carry on a conversation as you are exercising.

If you are taking certain medicines for high blood pressure, your heart rate will not increase with exertion as it normally would. In that case, you should use your breathing as a guide.

Although many jobs are physically demanding, very few will provide you with an aerobic workout. Better options for aerobic exercise include walking, jogging, swimming, bicycling, dancing, playing basketball or tennis, and engaging in any other activity that gets your heart rate into your target zone and maintains that rate for the time you are exercising.

Some people do only one type of aerobic exercise, but it is generally better to alternate among two or more activities. This so-called cross training will make you physically fit for a wider variety of activities and keep you from getting bored.